Green Laminate Flooring is Best Laminate Flooring With higher requirement for home decoration, increasingly more families are prepared to choose laminate Flooring as his or her first selection for home decoration, so in order to proving customers with the most safe and quite a few professional flooring, we could do a little special treatment to boost the safety and service life of this flooring. We are playing a wisdom to offer customers with all the best laminate floors. Laminate flooring is among the best environmental protection carpeting materials.

It’s made with recycled natural resources producing high-density core board. Green laminate flooring is a lot more environmental for consumers. The core of green flooring is more environmental protection after special craft processing. The installation of this floor with no glues or adhesives. Once installed, the floors can be simply cleaned without using harsh chemicals,protecting indoor air quality. Green laminate of floors brings which you pure and fresh environment that they like your home is inside forest.

Sunspeed Green floorings provide beauty, performance and environmental advantages that you will never get in somewhere else. Laminate flooring is worried, the floor of the most basic environmental standards that formaldehyde emission. Limit for formaldehyde emission standards, environmental flooring industry experienced a total of E1, E0, FCF third technological revolution. At an earlier stage, the formaldehyde emission standards for wood-based panels E2 level (formaldehyde emission ???

30mg/100g.), Its limited release formaldehyde is incredibly loose, even products which meet this standard, the formaldehyde content may also be over E1 class artificial board more than thrice, serious harm to human health, therefore it is absolutely not for home decoration. So with all the first green revolution, the implementation with the E1 class environmental standards from the green revolution, the floors sector, the formaldehyde emission ???

1.5 mg / L, although won’t pose a threat to the skin is simply, but the ground still remains Lots of free formaldehyde. Last year, the floorings industry began an additional green revolution, launched E0 class environmental standards, floors formaldehyde emission was reduced to 0.5 mg / L. Discern whether a floor because most practical way of environmental protection is by using a screwdriver and hammer the ground from locking the area to pry open, in order that a large area of the ground substrate exposed out, then wear some perfume floor needs to be wood taste, poor strong pungent flavor!

We can also offer the finest advice in order to find the Green floor at the same time extend the service life of laminate floor. Waterproof laminate floors is the best selection for you. We can also say it waxed edges laminate kitchen floors. As the name implies, waxed edge laminates flooring is apply one more layer of solid wax along a floor board edge.